Back to our roots

Hey there

Here are some very useful lists that focus on Latin and Greek roots - and how they are employed in English words. From now on you are required to use these roots - or, more accurately, words that use these roots -  in your journal entries.

Don't worry we'll discuss this in more detail in class.

Medical Roots

Latin and Greek Roots


  1. But....but.....we ALREADY use these roots in everyday speech....so we already use them in our journals....right??!!

  2. Latin is a language
    Dead as dead can be
    First it killed the Romans
    Now its killing me

  3. Funny, David!! Actually that little rhyme has been around a long time. I think my father said it was popular when he studied Latin...centuries ago.

    Megan, we are using the roots - but do we know we are? And which ones? They are an analytic tool to deciphering the meanings of words we don't use - or are suddenly faced with in an exam.