Can I say anything......?

Read the following article from Time Magazine and post your views on freedom of speech.

How Should America Handle Extreme Speech?


  1. First of all, I am loving the comic. If they ban free speech, then he won't be ABLE to go around yelling about banning free speech, the idiot caveman.
    Well, I'm sorry to say this, but because America advocates free speech so ardently, I don't think it is logically FAIR for them to censure crazy people speaking out. Even if they ARE crazy, doesn't that make Americans hypocrites? Nothing is absolute. If you want a law, you have to leave a back door, or else you will be attacked with your own words.
    By the way, just because I'm Christian and from what I said above DOES NOT mean that I agree with what that freaky pastor did. That is just a transgression of human rights, and the ultimate act of disrespect to another's religion.

  2. The American government censors everything anyway, completely without any regard to freedom. I mean come on how many websites and phones the CIA monitors, and they even want to be allowed to monitor facebook and twitter as well. I won't be surprised if they do already though. Mr. Bush mentioned America will step out and fight for freedom during the 911 as well as saying the terrorists attacked freedom itself(aka the US). I believe Mr.Bush is talking BS. America doesn't represent freedom nor anything close. If it doesn't then why would they send cops on the anarchists protesting against the G8. America represents the freedom to be oppressed, that's all.

  3. America is too free. The people are allowed to have extreme speech and not get punished by law but the person or group might get attacked by the offended persons. It is the same in Taiwan because its citizens are more conservative and they assume some of the things that you just don't say out loud. If anybody says something offending, you might get sued for being impolite or some stupid misdemeanor.