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Let me be clear here. This assignment is supposed to be fun. So you don't have to go hunting for accurate pictures of your characters. If you think Brutus was young, untrustworthy and  "hot" then find a picture for your FB page that captures that look.






I have put together an interesting - I think - module on colonialism and Africa. We'll take a look at this topic for a four week period commencing around the 2nd midterm.

You each need a copy of Things Fall Apart (Achebe) and Heart of Darkness (Conrad).

Knowing how quickly things move during the semester, you might want to take care of this during the winter vacation - and even start reading...

Let me know if you have any questions

Food for Thought

Hi there, Grade 10

Here are three articles from the NY Times for you to have a look at. Two of the articles were written by students from the same high school.

Me, in 500 words

A Decision Letter from Yale

And something for those of you who are thinking of beating the system...

Cheaters find an Adversary in Technology

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Kristine sent me this question about JC.

Mr. Cluver! (Note how she uses exclamation marks to intimidate me)
     When Decius Brutus was trying to persuade Caesar to go to the senate he says "I have, when you have heard what I can say: And know it now, the Senate have concluded to give this day a crown to mighty Caesar. If you shall send them word you will not come, Their minds may change." Act II, scene ii, line 92-96
and Caesar did go... does that mean he WAS ambitious?

My response:

Would Caesar have accepted the crown? I think not. He knew how many would have felt threatened by that.

Did he like the idea that it was offered. Oh, yes. He knew he was great.

Was he ambitious? For sure. He was a great man and he was trying to do great things for Rome. That's not a sin. We don't murder colleagues and classmates because they are ambitious. 

Cassius et al were not motivated by fear of Ceasar's ambition. That was Brutus.

Cassius was simply jealous because he did not have the same power or receive the same adoration from the people. Remember Casca: He complained how even if Caesar had murdered the streetwomen's mothers, they would still have loved him.

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