The Enemy Within

“The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend”


Marcus Tullius Cicero


Midterm II

Scope for the Midterm Exam:

Once More to the Lake
No witchcraft for Sale
The Son from America

Piano/Those Winter Sundays
Sonnet 18/ Sonnet 30


Research Assignment

Imagine the population of the world has been reduced proportionally to 100 people. These people live in a single village.

Take a look at this:  Miniature Earth

Now go the CIA World Factbook. There is a lot of information here. Take a look at the facts under World.

1. Put together your own World Village ppt presentation. Choose the facts that you want to present. Use interesting slides to make your point.

2. As an adviser you will present the village leader and tribal council with this array of startling facts . And – after careful thought – you will speak to them about how to improve your village. They are powerful men and will not be convinced easily.

i.            Clearly identify three problems that you consider are in the most urgent need of attention.
ii.            Carefully – and with research to support your statements – explain the reasons behind these problems.
iii.            Then make recommendations as to how these problems could be addressed. Your recommendations should show careful thought and research.

Part one of this assignment will be presented in class to Grade 9 and 10 students. Part two will be handed in as a written assignment. The assignment should be between 1000 and 1500 words in length. It should have a cover page, a table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and a bibliography. Format: double space, Calibri 11.

Due date: ..........