Endless Summer?

This might be bad news if you're in a US school...

Go to Newsweek and look at this article


What do you think?


  1. I think... it's fair that US students are going to have a longer school year. Right now, US kids have fewer days in school than a lot of schools in other countries and are learning less things. US students are less competitive because of this. It doesn't affect me, but I do know that a lot of people will hate Obama for this.

  2. It was really surprising to hear that some schools actually cut their school week to four days to save money on school bus transportation. I have a question here: when, if ever, did US students EVER lead the world?? I think Obama is constantly thinking up these GREAT ideas; the problem is how he's going to get them in motion.
    This was a really interesting take on how long a school year should be, because for us here in Taiwan, students absolutely HATE it, but according to test scores, it actually IS working. But not all students have to be pushed to do well. Some people, like me, HATE it when OTHER people give them pressure, and FORCE them to do things. If given the chance, I would do what they want willingly, but if I am forced to do it, I'd rebel, even if I know it would be helpful. So I think students need to first realize that they need to improve, rather than push them into improving.
    i do agree though that American schools take it too easy on the students. I think I read somewhere what US kids have more than 100 days of vacation per year? (i'm not sure)

  3. Megan~ I'm not sure of the number, but I know that I lived in a Jewish Community, and our school had TONS of vacations. A lot were Jewish holidays, and many were stupid holidays called "District Holidays".
    America's schools are really too easy, and they could definitely use one more month. Plus, pretty much everyone goes to summer school the week after summer starts, they might as well just have school full out for an extra month and then have a shorter, but freer, summer. And as a bonus for me, I could actually go to the summer camps because they'd start after school ends here if the school year really was longer.

  4. I think Obama is just trying to get votes from parents. I mean America is already neck deep in debts, where will they find money to finance Obama's latest schemes. I think America is now on the verge of been beaten by asia so obama is trying to save a sinking boat by bailing our water with buckets.

  5. American schools are the only one in the world that has the longest vacation in this messed up world. It wouldn't hurt to add a few school days to it since many of the students don't do much during breaks. The schools might as well just give the students something to do and not to get the students in the habit of becoming lazy. Schools are helpful because you won't really get bored of it; even if it does, students can interact with each other instead of playing games all the time at home.

  6. I strongly agree about this idea. Students in the USA study to little. Because they study too little, so people get lazier. But this is the question that he have to face. How can he makes people in the state like his idea? Is he really going execute this idea or he is just saying this for an objective?