To Grade 9 and Grade 10

Dear Students

And now it's come to this - the end of the year and the end of our time together at Nanke.

Know that you - each and every one - have been an amazing student. You have worked hard and laughed loud!

I will miss each one of you.

Although we spent so much time together I feel that there is still so much I want to say.

Be happy! You are all beautiful and healthy. Enjoy life!

And when you have a moment e-mail me and tell me all the wonderful things you are doing!

And watch this when you have a moment to think...

All the best

Anthony Cluver

A little bit of Cape Town for old times sake...


US Military Arsenal

Hi there

This is probably - uh.... most likely - for the boys. But it's a cool article and if you're interested in weaponry or the military then take a look at this link.


Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey

Dear Grade 10

Here is the link to the Hero's Journey video which is based on Joseph Campbell's discussion of the Monomyth. Watch it when you have a moment...

Click here

And don't forget we start with Things Fall Apart tomorrow...