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HEALTH   | September 07, 2010
Mind:  Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
Psychologists have discovered that some of the most hallowed advice on study habits is flat wrong. 

Here's a question:

Have you experienced any of the problems or advantages when learning as described in the article?
Please post a response.


  1. Personally I think many members of the educational system are just plain thick-headed and obsessed with their "excellent" theories of studies. They can't bother or just won't consider any other newly proved educational theory, which in my opinion is complete bs. I just hope that there will be a more sensible person who will come along and teach those thick-headed "professors" a bloody lesson.

  2. Um, Mr. Cluver....I left a really long comment here yesterday that has somehow disappeared...should I redo it??

  3. My condensed version:
    I like to study in a library, where it's not completely silent, but there are footsteps and soft whispers surrounding me. When it's completely silent, I freak, same with noise. Actually, I find that most of the studies raised in the article don't apply to me. I like to finish one subject a time, not go halfway through and then jump to the next one. As for the point on rotating around, I haven't actually tried that, but for me, I think I would find it annoying and useless...

  4. Okay, I really HATE to study, but I have my methods when I have to study. My mom gave me a lot of tips about how to study when I was little but they never really helped me. This is exactly what I feel about the article. Sure, they did a lot of experiments, but that may only apply to a small group of people. I haven't tried the rotation around and mixing content, but I think that it will annoy me instead of helping me when I'm studying for a test.


  6. I don't think these so called experiments can be that accurate. I mean we're all different, they can't just put everyone into a category and say A or B is the perfect study method. For me, listening in class and doing my homework thoroughly pretty much does the job, and then I read through the text to be safe. As for rotating around... um... I like to look at a task and say "Yay I've finished it", rather than having ten million unfinished work that I have to re-focus on, and rotating studying areas is just a hastle... cause that means I have carry my iPod all over the place... and it might not have battery so... am I the only walking boom box here? Anyways, yea I'd rather just stay in my room where I can also have my privacy. Great insight Wen-Chiao

  7. I'd say these theories the educational people wrote aren't wrong, but they dont fit with everybody,say a in math there's alot of equations, but not all problems can be used with that one equation, so yea...not a bad article, but it might give the simple minded parents a wrong idea of teaching their childrens...and thanks carrie