The Top Places to Study Video Game Design — For Credit

From The New York Times.

Are you a high school student who dreams of inventing the next Wii or Kinect sensation, or the next “Call of Duty”?

For the second year in a row, Princeton Review and GamePro Media, the publisher of GamePro magazine, a video-gamers’ bible, have joined forces to handicap what they consider the “Top 10” undergraduate and graduate programs in video game design.
For readers of The Choice who may have logged so much time on the X-Box that they have actually contemplated a career in this (virtual) world, a list like this is probably most valuable as a vehicle for brainstorming the names of universities that actually permit students to study such things. (And yes, I would count myself among those whose first response might well be, “Who knew?”)

Which undergraduate institutions made the list?

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And if you go the web page, take a look at the comments. They are even more informative with opinions from former game design students who are now working in the industry.


  1. PERFECT, boys...hey, rochester institute of tech was in the lindon college fair that we went to last semester....i keep getting emails from them, harrassing me....=.= but if you can learn about video games AND earn credit, it's like...it's like...HEAVEN!!!! for boys....=.= "GamePro magazine, a video-gamers' bible" LOL

    but srsly, the deal is pretty great.

  2. BRILLIANT!!! i looked at Digipen once, it had good and bad rating but these universitties and all in the US :( ..... Suxs i wanted to find international ones, but anyway they seem cool~.
    I've been to GamePro, awesome website and good reviews of games :D

  3. assuming that we need to comment on this as well, uh well. ahem
    USC: i wanted to go there for business, and its near the Debby Allen Dance Academy... pity
    that's really all i can provide for this topic >.<