Education Reform: Let kids rule the school?

Take a moment to read the following article in the New York Times. It concerns the possibilty of allowing students more input or influence in curriculum development.

More here.


  1. MR. CLUVER I DID THIS FOR MY JOURNAL!! HIGH FIVE, THIS IS SO COOL. although you might be a little bit worried that your mind works on the same level as mine.....lol. oh, btw, i did my journal before you posted this, so HA! :)

  2. but if school operates the way that NY times suggests, it wouldn't just be time consuming, we don't know if it would apply to a class of 20 or 30. I don't mean i like doing MC or memorizing things, but the program that they suggest will only work with self-motivated students. People who don't like to study will eventually drop out and go do stuff they like. Not everyone likes to study or is good at it. I think studying is actually tiring and not fun at all. If i can become a tennis pro, i would. (Sadly, i am not that good)

  3. by the way, kids don't rule.