Food for Thought

Hi there, Grade 10

Here are three articles from the NY Times for you to have a look at. Two of the articles were written by students from the same high school.

Me, in 500 words

A Decision Letter from Yale

And something for those of you who are thinking of beating the system...

Cheaters find an Adversary in Technology

I'm looking forward to comments...


  1. oh wow, Me in 500 words?? APP ESSAYS MUST BE LESS THAN 500 WORDS??!! but yeah, application essays DO sound fun...and er...difficult to master...i was reading the comments, and i agree with the former admissions officer that the dude (who is spectacularly cute by the way :)) is good enough to apply to ivy's....and sucks to the dude below who was really rude to the admissions officer. the slaughterhouse-5 thing was a really awesome simile to what it's like to write application essays.

    a decision letter from yale. this dude is funny and dry. but i don't like his attitude. sorry. it just sounds like he's being, as he says himself, a sour grape cuz he wasn't accepted to Yale. oh and OMG HE APPLIED TO ITHACA COLLEGE!!! and YALE??!!!! ooh ooh ooh my best friend's brother is at Boston Uni for his master's.. ..northwestern and syracuse are pretty awesome...besides, he's not as cute as the guy above i mentioned was a hottie..

    and the one about cheating? i can't say I'm surprised...cheaters will get their comeuppance one day...HUMPH. cheating is so obvious to noncheaters, and yet teachers never seem to notice.

  2. The essay about "Me, in 500 words" was really boring and hard for me to understand so i didn't bother to read it.
    The person who applied for Yales, well, i feel bad for him because he didn't get in the school he wanted. He can still apply for other good schools and do better instead of being stressed out in Yales because all the other people are so bloody smart.

  3. I have only a few thoughts for the article about cheating which is that cheating has become more advance and more expensive. HAHAh..... i wonder how much the companies that invent the system earn. Because since they have monopoly, they get to earn lots of money.

  4. a very economical perspective, pat.....

  5. So, college application is just a part of life, I think people should just get over it. I mean come on college is just a step in life's ladder. Many students, schools, parents and teachers act as if it were the one goal of life and if you fail, then you're screwed. Its not like that and college application should be made easier. COlleges are just looking for people with cash and good homework, in order to make money and to raise the status, in order to atract more students, in order to earn more money.

  6. Me in 500 words:
    I think college applications are hilarious. They ask you to show how you are unique and colorful, but when everyone is unique, no one is unique. And there are so many characteristics of people, good and bad, you can't put all of it into words. Plus, you can lie behind a computer; it's harder to lie in an actual interview

  7. A Decision Letter from Yale:
    I agree with him. Ivy League schools don't mean everything. Sure maybe the education is outstanding, but there are plenty of other schools out there with education just as good, more freedom, and less stress. We must watch out for our health. We have our entire lives to learn, but once you lose your health, you never know if you can completely recover.